Sunday, March 28, 2010





健康? 也老了..




Tuesday, March 23, 2010


a tiger never knows why elephant choose vege, and elephant also never know y tiger eat dun over use ur judgment on others

rain...fill with the sadness of the sky...but the sky make a deal to itself that, after everytime it rain, it will show the sun light...make sure everytime u cry, pls get up and proceed ur life

everyday the sunflower wake up... the first thing they saw was the sun, everyday i wake up, the first thing i saw was the mirror...the sun was the energy source of sun flower...and my energy source was myself...oni me can make my life better

Saturday, March 13, 2010

my little story- the pretty princess

one day, i suddenly remember one of my comic novel, i would like share with u here,
hehe, this is the 1st time that i write blog in english...please correct me if i done english language error...

long time ago (i think every fairy tale will start like this is it?), there is a pretty princess, she live in a garden,full with flower in every season including winter...she is really pretty, really really pretty...but she is so small, everyday, she sit on a leaf like a stone, she say nothing and no one know why she always sat at there, is she thinking or waiting? no one knows...

one day,an bee fly across the garden, it saw her sitting at a leaf n do nothing, then the bee fly to her, the bee is impressed by her pretty face, the bee kneel in front of she, and say: oh my pretty princess, u r so pretty, would u marry me? the princess say: dear bee, how high can u flyand how far can u fly? bee:erm, below the roof of house and cannot reach the mountain on the east. princess was dissapointed, the bee try to attact she and say: but i can bring u the best honey to u everyday...when the night is rain, i will by ur side till the other day light is coming..." the princess interrupt and say:"oh my dear, my husband should be a perfect person, he shall bring me the most tressured water drip from the far northen land. i thik u should go back, i m sorry..."

the second day, a pidgion fly over the garden, it was also attracted to the pretty princess, it do the porpose like the bee, the princess ask the same question:" how far and how high can u fly?" the pidgion answer:"i can fly higher than the highest tree in this world and i can fly over the farrest land. and my talent is thing delivery" the princess was so happy that she finally find her idea prince then she say:" if u can bring me the tressured water drip from the northen land. i will accept ur purpose. " "ok"the pidgion answer. then it flew away.

some days has passed, the pidgion haven came back.the princess was still waiting. a fly was landed infront of her and ask why she look sad? princess told the fly everything, the fly shake its head and say:" i think that was a lie. do u think the drip can survive the journey from northen land to here? it could be evapolate already...please don't wait for it, u better marry me because i won't cheat u like that..." after hearing that,she goes mad and kill the fly. she was too angry and cover itself in torns.she hate the pidgion very much.

on the a week after, the pidgion has come back, with the tresurred water drip that princess was very tired, it has flying non stop for 3 days. it landed his tired body just in front of the princess, but it didnot realize that the princess's body has covered by many torns. the torns has step through the pidgion's body...its blood splashed on the princess', she was whole red... princess asked:" why u try to fool me?" the pidgion use his last breath to take the tressured water drip out under his thick feather and said:" is this what u wan?" it dead after those words...

now only the princess knows, the water drip was covered in thick feather to avoid evapolate, she knows how foolish she are, how hurt she are and how she hate herself, she cannot remove those torn in her heart, and cannot wash away the blood on her body...she will always remember her wrong doing forever...

lastly, she name herself as rose..........